I'm sure Morton has already spent a lot of the money we gave him.

Jinchao lent me three books.


This noise is driving me crazy.

Caleb is a lightweight.

He knows how to grill fish.


He has several men to work for him.

I like English better than Math.

Does it have a bathroom?

You'd better get out of there.

I saw them on the stairs.

This is an international community.

Syun is going to be really proud of you.

She adapts herself to circumstances.

Presley is being unfair, isn't he?

How many votes did I get?

He just drones on and on but hardly even touches on what we need to know for the test.


That was last week.

I'm having a blast.

I felt like I would die.


Something strange is happening over there.


It was not until the next day that they found her.

We're getting out of here. The cops are coming.

Would you show us some samples of your work?


We've done everything possible.

Corruption is a problem in many countries around the world.

Is that legal?

We mistook him for an American.

He was sent to the galleys.

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He got up at once, struck a match, and looked at the time. It was exactly one o'clock.

He is very young.

Hand me the hammer, will you?


No one knows how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.


James can't decide unless you tell him all the facts.


Our company provides customized, worry-free solutions to protect your customers' sensitive data.

Which is more important, me or Tatoeba?

I'll never talk to Samir again.

He blackmailed me.

Why did he fail in business?

What is everyone clapping about?

Roman suspected Carlos and John were dating each other.

Let's ask her when she comes back home.

He was living with the Indians.


I learned how to write my name when I was three.

I like being with you.

Justin does look a lot like John, doesn't he?


That noise is driving me mad.


The new shoes pinch my feet.

It would be best if you stopped smoking.

Did you ever talk to him?

Let's just go inside.

He asked me to speak more slowly.

He makes me feel special.

They burned themselves.


Jakob's eyes widened in surprise.

Apples are usually green, yellow, or red.

Donne has long blond hair.

Please don't overdo it.

I hate to interrupt, but I need to say something.


I have to let off some steam before I explode with anger.

In a sense, life is only a dream.

He's quick in forming relationships with women.

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Recently we have had many mild days.

I'm from Serbia.

That's why I share this news.


Why don't you remember?

It didn't mean anything.

I know this isn't right.

Laurence seemed rather nervous.

Wherever he may go, he is sure to make friends.

Cathryn isn't as fat as he used to be.

I really spoke too harshly.


Irwin says he needs it today.

Marvin let the hamster out of its cage.

You don't have to come to the party.


I don't have a crush on Joe.

There'll be a new moon next week.

"How many times did he kiss you?" "Just once."

I want a television set, but I can't afford to buy one.

If the weather is fine, we will go for a trip to the countryside tomorrow.


He majored in drama at college.


According to the weather forecast, it'll snow tomorrow.

Can you get help for Liyuan?

What shoes are too big?

Birds feed on berries and corn seeds.

Protestors destroyed a police car and looted several businesses.

Usually I drink two cups of coffee with lunch.

Irving heard Sassan scream.


He was snoring loudly while he slept.

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We need to get it done before tomorrow.

I bought an mp3 copy of Debussy's "Clair de Lune" in an online music store.

Hell will have frozen over before those idiots fifure out what to do

Kyle cringed when he saw Randolph walk into the room.

He's encouraging me to go there.


There's a lot of flu going around now.

There was a five-year-old girl in the family.

Space arrived later than usual.

I'll make it simple.

Kristin locked his doors.

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I don't hang out with them.

You know what song I want to sing.

Can you tell me what day it is today?


I'm no longer working for him.

Get back inside.

This is not salt.


Public transport is only quicker than private transport in urban areas.

Have you found a solution?

Who's going to stop her?

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I'll talk to her about it.

The best way to catch a train on time is to make sure to miss the one that precedes it.

I have to make a phone call.

Don't feel sorry for Nicolette.

His books are interesting.

Did you buy her a dog?

Everything else is gravy.

He and I can not speak Spanish.

Chip is waiting for everyone else.

Jane slammed the locker door shut.

I just want us to be friends again.

His cell phone is turned off now.

This technology will drastically lower the cost of solar energy.


Karl, are you looking at my boobs?


Butter is sold by the pound in the USA.

Tell me anything you want to.

Jin had to split.


It was dreadful weather.


It is no good waiting for him to come.

How do you say 97 in various languages?

What was it that you did there?

Please pass me the salt.

The world is not enough.

I will drop off this package at the Jones' when I go to work.

Ahmed is only going to have one chance to do it right.

I can't wait for him.

You're right on the money.


If we work together, we should be able to finish this much more quickly.

I want to help her.

He was a perfect gentleman.

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I could lose my job.

Do you also know how to use a computer?

Why don't you tell me what happened last night?

The drowning man grasped at the rope.

Click me to hide this screen.

One day those people arrived in his village.

I do believe you.

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Herman, look what I found under the sofa.

Look at what she's wearing!

I don't know any French.

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I have seen "Star Wars" twice.


The office seems very busy today.


For a short time, Vincent lived in Boston.

Are you saying this doesn't matter?

Nichael was stupid.

I have a lot of credit cards.

The boy grew up to be a famous scientist.

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Quitting smoking is difficult.

Should I be talking to them?

Mayo and Celeste are the same age.

No one welcomes war.

He was my first crush.

I haven't had my breakfast yet.

He neither smokes nor drinks.